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Aracuba GmbH

Aracuba Academy
The Aracuba Academy micro-learning app aims to establish itself as a global online learning platform. The app is due to offer practical knowledge in the form of eLearning courses catered to both knowledge providers and end-users globally, who are interested or already activating in the multiple fields of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Explicitly, it envisions empowering young adults to bring the SDGs to life by bridging the stiffening gap between theoretical policy discourses and concrete projects successfully translating the abstract SDGs in local daily life stories. To achieve this, the project partner is seeking the support of the Service Learning Track in generating a social media marketing strategy, which should address both knowledge providers and end-users within a global network of multipliers.

Together with our tutors and project partner, our team has assessed that until the end of the Sustainability Challenge (SC), we can reasonably develop a prototype pioneer video, which will essentially set the frame and testing-ground for the social media strategy, as well as proactively contact multipliers and seek to have them populate the app with courses.

To meet the app’s laudable albeit ambitious goal, we had identified three rough directions of action for Aracuba during the first semester: pioneer videos, e-learning courses and the end-users, with the commitment to focus on the first two directions. So far, we have chosen the social media channels, developed a format and we are preparing to shoot the prototype pioneer video and reach out to multipliers in the next semester.


Uni Wien: Katharina Zlattinger, Sonja Steinbauer
BOKU: Anna Breuer
TU: Emma Gisinger
IMC FH Krems: Franziska Huber
Modul University: Geanina Turcanu