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Siemens Mobility – Rolling Stock

Micro-Mobility & Rolling Stock: (e)-Scooter Applications

Public transport and urban mobility play in contrasting global challenges like climate change
and trends like urbanization an increasing role. One solution would be to encourage more
passengers to use public transport giving them the opportunity to bring own transport
vehicles (e.g. e-scooters etc.) in order to solve the last-mile problem. Currently the cities’
infrastructures worldwide are not prepared for such a scenario and we would like to analyze
what is needed to change this.

Driving forward the Last-Mile Public Transport Sustainability Concept from last year, this time
we want to expand on the solution of carrying electric vehicles in our rolling stock by
developing ideas of charging e-scooters during operation. Next to optimized interior fittings,
we want to analyze the framework for such visions, by looking at the state-of-art existing
solutions, opportunities and challenges and creating a concept considering capacity and
technical limitations. Our interdisciplinary approach includes research in the market
environment and forces, existing infrastructure, trends and innovations.

We defined the Sustainability Challenge in the means of increasing attractiveness for green
mobility levering public transport to the next level. We want to encourage/elate the students
to think beyond the boundaries.

Think outside the box! Our motto is: “ingenuity for life”.


Gustav Gans